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National Federation of Occupational Pensioners.

The National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (NFOP) is the oldest and the largest occupational pensioner organisation in the United Kingdom, with almost 76,000 members and 180 Branches across Britain.

As the largest occupational pensioner organisation in the UK, their voice is listened to by businesses and the Government. NFOP continually campaigns to improve the lives of their members through better pensions, improved NHS services, appropriate long term care provision and better access to public transport.

What NFOP do.

NFOP provide a voice for their members through active campaigning, both at Parliament and at local and constituency level, aiming to protect and improve pensioners’ rights. NFOP also provide support and fellowship for their members, throughout their lives after work, with a nationwide network of local Branches. Branches offer members social activities, holidays, information and a forum for members to influence the running of NFOP.

NFOP help any member who has a problem by providing information, contacting the pension administration centres, writing on their behalf or passing them on to an expert advisor. NFOP have a Legal Hotline where members can receive free legal advice. There is always someone at the end of a telephone line to listen.

NFOP members also benefit from a series of discounts and offers that are exclusive to members, such as access to a welfare fund, discounted rates on new and secondhand motor vehicles and free membership for motorists of their popular accident aftercare service.

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