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AOP Awards Book

AOP Awards Book

The Association of Photographers annual photography awards book.

Your opportunity to become a supporter of The AOP Photographer’s Awards Book.

There are a lot of photography competitions for professionals but the AOP Photographers Awards is still regarded as the original and the best – a celebration of exceptional work by the industry’s elite. This competition is only open to Full & Provisional Photographer Members of the AOP. It is regarded as THE awards competition for professional photographers and being selected for entry into the book and accompanying exhibition is considered one of the highest accolades available to photographers around the world.

• The AOP Awards Book is a highly collectable item and has shelf life of at least a year. It is predominantly used as a resource book by the creative industry, but most receivers are likely to hold onto theirs for number of years.

• Only the finest quality of photography is published in the Awards Book, as judged by the AOP panel of top industry professionals.

The Photographers Awards have been running for a staggering 30 years, a testament to the success not only of AOP photographers but also of the industry itself. In recent years they’ve listened to what their supporters want from their advertising and they think they’ve come up with a package that has the ability to offer maximum exposure covering at a reasonable price.

We would like to invite you to join AOP and support this year’s Photographers Awards by becoming one of a limited number of Book Supporters, within a dedicated section of the Awards Book, for an affordable investment, for a full-page advert.

For further information regarding The Awards please refer to the Awards website


If you have any further queries regarding advertising as a Book Supporter please contact Landmark.

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